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  • Personalized transition plan

    FREE, NO-OBLIGATION, in-home visit to assess your needs and develop a personalized transition plan.

    • Introduction to the moving program
    • Assessment of moving needs
    • Referrals to different companies i.e.: estate sales, liquidators, and movers
    • Explanation of customized floor plan
    • On-going phone support with client/family, community staff and vendors
    • Problem solving, monitoring moving time- line, offering tips and reassurance
    • Furniture measurements and scheduling of next floor plan review

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    Customized computer floor plan design

    • Second in home visit
    • Measuring of actual unit
    • Developing computerized floor plan using actual furniture measurements
    • Incorporating at least two ideas including client’s ideas
    • Discussion and review of ongoing changes to floor plan
    • Transition to focus on right-sizing

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    Pre-sorting, organizing and rightsizing of your belongings

    • Going through the house to decide what is going to be packed/donated/sold/going to family
    • This can also be done for staging your home to sell, so it is ready for the market
    • Assist family in this process after a loved one has passed

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    Preparing for the Movers (day before the move)

    • Wrapping of items and boxing them up is done the day before the move
    • Team members arrive in the morning and are done around lunch time
    • We wrap and box everything the day before – leave out the essentials to live there that night
    • Bring all packing material

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    Moving Day Orchestration

    • Meet the movers at client’s current home
    • Pack any last-minute items i.e. bedding, bathroom, a few kitchen items, lamps
    • Oversee Movers
    • On-going support of moving process

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    Resettlement in New Home (day of the move)

    • All items placed back into original furniture
    • Items organized in each space
    • Try to mirror image what was at previous home
    • Work with client on where they would like items placed
    • Leave no or very little boxes left to unpack
    • Garbage removed
    • Settled by dinner time on moving day

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