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  • Eleanor’s Story

    Her voice was calm and confident. “I’m not usually one to ask for help,” she said, “but I know better than to do this all by myself.” Eleanor was relocating to a senior community after her husband passed away, and she wisely recognized the work and stress involved.

    Clearing out the house, deciding what stays and what goes, navigating paperwork, the emotions of changing her familiar surroundings… she needed a helping hand, but didn’t want to burden her family or friends.

    My team and I walked through the entire process with her: developing a personalized transition plan, organizing and boxing, managing everything on moving day, helping her settle in, organize and even arranging kitchen cabinets and hanging pictures.

    Both Eleanor and her three children were able to relax and support each other through the entire moving process. Whether retelling old stories as they went through memorabilia, supporting her emotionally as she closed the door on a house full of memories, or celebrating together as she opened a new chapter in her life prepared for new experiences and friends.

    Helping people like Eleanor turn a worrisome, stressful move into a joy-filled journey is what we do best. If you’ve made the decision to relocate, Honoring Aging can help you make a smooth, successful start to this next chapter in your life.

    Take a moment to read more about our specific services and pricing, meet your personal senior move manager, learn about our interactive and lively presentation on senior relocation, “Moving Life’s Treasures”, or contact us with questions or to request your free, no-obligation personalized transition plan.